Mr. Daniel Seah
Digital Domain Capital Partners S.à r.l.
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director,
Digital Domain Holdings Limited
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Daniel Seah was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Digital Domain Holdings Limited (“Digital Domain”, Stock Code: 547) in 2014. He moreover is Director of Digital Domain Capital Partners S.à r.l. (DDCP), the newest subsidiary and first European outpost of Digital Domain. Established in Luxembourg in January 2021, DDCP spearheads Digital Domain’s expansion into the European market through strategic investments in innovative European companies.

As one of the most influential Chinese executives in Hollywood, Mr. Seah plays a vital role in shaping growth strategies and development plans for Digital Domain. He has led the award-winning visual effects (VFX) studio Digital Domain US to create many signature VFX works for Hollywood blockbusters, including the latest VFX projects for Avengers: Infinity War and Ready Player One. Showing proactive insight in the industry, Digital Domain acquired virtual reality (VR) pioneer Immersive Ventures Inc. in Canada and Shenzhen VR Technology Holdings Limited (“3Glasses”), one of the pioneers and leaders of VR hardware equipment in China. Digital Domain also acquired Post Production Office (rebranded as “Digital Domain China”) with studios at Beijing and Shanghai. Mr. Seah successfully created a proprietary “VR platform” and has led Digital Domain to transition successfully from solely a VFX/VR technology production provider to a “one-stop integrated VR experience” global technology enterprise. He was the first to establish the vertical business model from VR content production to hardware distribution and offline VR theatres. Leveraging Mr. Seah’s outstanding leadership, together with the studio’s creative and technical strengths, Digital Domain has been driven to new heights of success.

Digital Domain, led by Mr. Seah, has become one of the world’s leading pioneers in VR content development and productions offering the industry the international standard for VR content & 360-degree VR live streaming technology. Digital Domain pioneered the 360-degree VR livestream of major international events such as the Rio Olympic Games 2016 and Faye Wong’s Moments Live 2016. Digital Domain’s original VR creation Micro Giants, was featured at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, New Frontier exhibition. Mr. Seah has also led Digital Domain in the continuous development and introduction of a number of industry-first patented technologies which brought revolutionary changes to the VFX and immersive experience areas, including the groundbreaking Virtual Humans technology, which Digital Domain recently used to successfully "revive" Martin Luther King Jr. to deliver his “I Have a Dream” speech in 2020, and the NFL legend Vince Lombardi at the Super Bowl 2021.

In addition, Digital Domain was the first Hollywood independent VFX studio to successfully enter the Greater China market to meet the escalating demand for premium entertainment experiences in the region. In 2017, Digital Domain opened a VFX studio in Hyderabad, India. This is not only the ninth business location of Digital Domain but also marks our further footprint expansion in Greater China and to global, strengthening Digital Domain’s leading position in the industry.

Mr. Seah graduated from Peking University with a B.A. and Master’s Degree of Law. He previously worked as an investment banker at Barclays Bank and has extensive expertise and experience in securities, options, fund management and international businesses development.
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